Is the Bugatti Chiron Going to Monterey?

This picture with poor quality has emerged on the internet and, supposedly, is the first shot of the Bugatti Chiron.

According to this shot was taken at an airport in Los Angeles, California and, coincidentally, in the next Sunday, 16, occurs the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Monterey, California.

Of course, this Bugatti is going to the event but, Is this the new Chiron?

An Instagram user, Paul Woodman nicknamed pww, published a statement 6 days ago saying:

Forget everything you’ve seen so far regarding the Bugatti Chiron… It looks NOTHING like any of the renders circulating the internet. Andy Wallace showed us the car today… It’s beautiful… very aggressive and very sporty! Sadly I can’t share anything else at this stage”

If Paul Woodman has already seen the new Chiron and he says it looks nothing like the renderings we’ve seen on the web, so we can put away any inspiration from Koenigsegg on this Bugatti’s hypercar… and, this car in the pic is probably a “special edition” using the Veyron body — as a facelift or something like that– because, in my eyes, it looks purely like the Veyron (the front end, at least).

If the Bugatti is bringing the Chiron to this Pebble Beach, of course, it will be a prototype but we will see the Veyron’s successor for the first time and confirm whether all those amazing numbers and performance figures came with it or not.

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