Lamborghini is Bringing a New Supercar to Monterey

No, I don’t talking about the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster which is going to be unveiled at the next Frankfurt Motor Show.

Rumors are saying this new supercar wil be presented during the Monterey Car Week which begins in a  few days, but, unfortunately for us, they will present this new car for a very selected group of people.

This new supercar will be based on Lamborghini Aventador, such as Veneno and its roadster variant, and like the Veneno it will be very limited and expensive as hell.

Just remembering, the Veneno coupé was limited in just 3 vehicles sold for 4.2 million dollar, while Veneno Roadster was limited in 9 copies by the price of 4.5 million dollar.

Furthermore, the new model promises to come with more horses under the hood — so, we can think in a figure like 800 hp, since the Aventador SV already boasts 750 hp–, a redesigned body and less weight as always.

Probably, Lamborghini will show this new hypercar together with the open-top Aventador SV in Frankfurt… at least, I hope.

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