Two Chiron Prototypes Spotted at Los Angeles Airport

Do you remember the Bugatti Chiron spotted at Los Angeles Airport? Well, here are more two pictures of the brand new Bugatti hypercar.

The Instagram user hungry_penguin has spotted these two Chiron prototypes at the Los Angeles airport waiting to leave the US. According to Autoevolution, the cars were in the US to be shown –privately– ¬†for some very rich people.

The prototypes are covered and we can’t see anything of their design, but taking into consideration these two pics plus that one posted a few days ago we can imagine that the Chiron is coming with a front end very similar to Veyron– at least the prototypes have. Looking at the cover, supposedly, the car has air intake behind the windows.

2 two chiron prototypes spied los angeles airport front 700x700

Two Bugatti Chiron Prototypes were spied at Los Angeles Airport; front

So far, Bugatti has released just a teaser video called #imaginEBugatti and a picture (yeah, the pit stop), but none of them show any detail of the Chiron — here I’m talking about the design because at the very end of the teaser video we can hear the new engine sound.

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