Mercedes-AMG GT S and C63 S Crash During Customer Presentation

Here’s what you do not want to happen when you are presenting new vehicles for potential buyers (Yes, if the vehicles caught fire would be much worse).

On the video below you see four cars — 2 AMG GTs and 2 C63s —  making a presentation for customers on Zwartkops Raceway in South Africa, but something went wrong. The guy in the Yellow AMG GT S just forgot the right direction of the zigzag pattern and then a blue C63 S crashed into it.

According to the guy who posted this video, Zero2Turbo, both cars were written off but thankfully no one was hurt — but the ego of the guy in the AMG GT has been destroyed for sure.

If after this “live crash test and no one hurt” incident no one there to buy a Mercedes, they don’t give a f*** about safety first.

POSTED ON Sep 11, 2015

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