Mercedes AMG GT S by Prior Design

For those people who think that the Mercedes AMG GT S look is not aggressive enough, Prior Design has just created an incredible wide body kit for it… And I’m pretty sure you will like.

As the SLS AMG PD900GT, the Mercedes AMG GT S by Prior Design also looks astonishing. Their PD800 GT wide body consists in a front spoiler, aggressive canards mounted on the front and rear bumper, air intake panels, vents on the bonnet, side skirts with vertical fins, rear trunk spoiler, a new –and more aggressive– diffuser and, last but not least, wide fenders.

German tuner also offers a new set of 5-spoke PD3Forged Superlight wheels for the Mercedes AMG GT S with a modern design.

In addition, Prior Design can give the car a custom interior if requested, as well as a new exhaust system if you are interested in making it louder.

POSTED ON Sep 04, 2015

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