Road-Legal Ferrari FXX is Just Amazing

Ferrari FXX, the first project by Ferrari’s XX program, is a race car built between 2005-2007 based on the street-legal Enzo for a small number of customers have some fun on track. 

The car is limited in only 30 units worldwide, each one costing £2 million, built with a new design especially for tracks and an upgraded 6.3-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine producing 820 horsepower and an astonishing sound.

The copy you can see below is a road-legal one (yeah, It is so awesome to be used only on tracks why not make it a car for the day-to-day) filmed at the Salon Privé event in UK. Of course, in addition to see the amazing look of this road-legal Ferrari FXX, you can enjoy that astonishing sound I mentioned above in insane revs and accelerations.

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