You’ll Be Amazed by this V8-engined Lexus LFA Drift Car

The most distinguishing characteristic of the Lexus LFA is, no doubt, the lovely V10 engine sound, but this one — as you’ve noticed by the title — is different… It boasts a V8 instead.

The original LFA’s 4.8-liter V10 with 553 hp has been replaced by a NASCAR V8 with amazing 750 hp being taken to the rear wheels transforming this Lexus in a drift car beast — and you can see this awesome Lexus LFA after the heart transplant in action drifting through the woods with a Toyota Crown and some other videos below.

That’s not all, the V8-engined Lexus LFA is still a work-in-progress project and rumors say that a new upgrade is coming at the end of the year. A boost of 250 horsepower in the already potent NASCAR V8.

via autoevolution


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