Bugatti Chiron Spied on Road

A couple of Chiron test mules were recently caught testing on road and, as in that rendering, it looks a lot like the Vision Gran Turismo Concept car, which was presented at Frankfurt in September.

In these pictures, we are not able to see the front end of the car, but for sure it looks like the Vision GT too.

Apparently, Bugatti is testing two types of Chiron, one with active rear wing and another without it, and we see two different types of taillights too.

Such as the Bugatti Vision GT, the Chiron features the horseshoe shape on both sides and, too, a kind of fin from the roof to the rear.

The Bugatti Chiron will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show next year and it will come powered by the well-known 8.0-litre W16 engine with all four turbos and some electrical help to develop massive 1500 horsepower.

Unlike the Bugatti Veyron which has only 450 copies running out there, the Chiron is expected to be limited in 500 units with a rumored base price of €2.2 million ($2.5 million)… Imagine the price of a special edition.

POSTED ON Oct 30, 2015

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