Ferrari F12tdf: The Very ‘Speciale’ Berlinetta

Ferrari has revealed its brand new special and limited edition based on the front-mid-engined F12 Berlinetta. It’s called Ferrari F12tdf in homage to the legendary Tour De France road races.

The Ferrari F12tdf comes with same heart that beats under the hood of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta we all know, but the power has been boosted from 740cv (730 bhp) to 780cv (770 bhp) at 8500 rpm while the torque now is 705 Nm (520 lbs ft) at 6250 rpm.

The new F12 puts the power on the ground through a new version of the dual-clutch automatic transmission to be pushed to a top speed of over 211 mph (340 km/h). The sprint from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.9 seconds or 0.2 seconds quicker than the standard F12.

2 ferrari f12tdf front side view 700x394

Thanks to the new aerodynamic features, the F12tdf produces 30% more downforce than the F12berlinetta

The F12tdf limited edition has lapped the Ferrari’s Fiorano test track in 1:21. The F12 lapped in 1:23 – such as the brand new Ferrari 488 — while the LaFerrari is still the fastest one with a lap time of 1:19.

In addition to the power boost, the Ferrari has also improved the aerodynamic of the car with a new front bumper with a big air intake and vertical fins. At the side, we see more aggressive side skirts, while the rear end receives an entirely new bumper.

Thanks to those changes, Ferrari says that the F12tdf produces 30% more downforce and almost doubled the aerodynamic efficiency in comparison to the F12 Berlinetta. Furthermore, thanks to all carbon fiber used, the car sports a curb-weight of 1520 kg (3351 lbs) or, in other words, 110 kg (220 lbs) saved from the 1630 kg (3593,5lbs) F12 Berlinetta.

3 ferrari f12tdf rear side angle 700x394

The Ferrari F12tdf has a redesigned rear bumper featuring a new rear diffuser

Also, the Ferrari F12tdf come with a new rear-wheel steering system — dubbed Virtual Short Wheelbase. The system automatically adjusts the rear wheels for the best steering angle to increase stability at high speeds.

As stated, the Ferrari F12tdf is a special and limited edition, so Ferrari will produce only 799 units of this car at a price of — well, they haven’t disclosed yet, but certainly it is coming more expensive than the $330,000 F12 Berlinetta.

Ferrari will reveal its brand new car to the public during the Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali at the Mugello circuit in Italy scheduled for November 8.

POSTED ON Oct 16, 2015

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