LB Performance Offers ‘Normal Fenders’ Kit for Huracan

Not long ago we saw the very first Lamborghini Huracan equipped with the well-known liberty walk widebody kit. Yeah, the baby bull looks awesome with the Japanese kit, but not all people like of such an insane modification.

For those people that prefer a moderate modification, LB Performance is now offering a new body kit for the baby bull without the most distinguishing characteristic of the Liberty Walk kit… the wide fenders.

The beautiful white Lamborghini Huracan equipped with the “Normal Fenders” kit features a low front lip, side skirts and rear diffuser.

2 lb performance huracan normal fenders rear side angle 700x466

LB Performance ‘Normal Fenders’ Lamborghini Huracan rear side angle

Also, LB Performance offers two options for the rear wing, both in “duck tail” style. The first one you can see on that very first huracan equipped with the Liberty Walk widebody kit mentioned earlier (right below you also find a link to check it out), while the second one you see on this white bull.

and, of course, you can opt for equipp your raging bull with a new AirRex suspension system to make it lower than ever.

Check it out the gallery below with more details of the ‘Normal Fenders’ Kit for Huracan and let us know which one do you prefer? This one or the liberty walk kit with wide fenders and everything else?

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