1000 HP Fenyr Supersport is Coming

Many people out there get annoyed with the price of the Lykan Hypersport, but we all know that the astronomical price is due lots of diamonds inlaid on the car. So, Dubai-based W Motors will present a new supercar without those fancy details and with a “reasonable” price.

The new Arab beast is called Fenyr Supersport and regardless of the name this new machine is coming more powerful than the Lykan Hypersport (yep, it’s a hypercar too). The Fenyr Supersport is coming with an output exceeding 1000 HP, probably developed by an upgraded 3.7L twin turbo flat-six engine. Also, the car will come lighter than its predecessor, it said something around 2645 pounds (1200 kg) of weight (curb or dry? well, I don’t know yet).

Taking into consideration these renderings you can see below and the teaser image above found at the W-Motors‘s website, the design of the new Fenyr will look like the old Lykan, but this one is reported to cost around $1 million (or $2.4 million cheaper than the Lykan).

The Fenyr Supersport will be unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show on November 10th, next Tuesday, and it is coming as a limited edition of only 25 units.

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