LaFerrari Crash Caught on Camera

An accident involving the hybrid hypercar from Maranello, LaFerrari, occurred some days ago in Budapest.

The hybrid hypercar lost the control on a street of the Hungary’s capital and hit into 3 cars parked┬ánearby.

In the video, we can notice that the red LaFerrari is moving slowly on the street through the traffic when the driver decides to go a little faster. The driver steps on the gas causing the car to break traction, then the driver loses the control of the prancing horse and crashes into three parked cars on the side of the street.

No one got injured by the accident, but the LaFerrari got some damages on the front-right quarter, but it can be fixed… of course, this won’t be cheap, but the guy is driving a car of over $1 million dollars. I think money will be no problem for him.

Check out the accident with your own eyes in the video below recorded from the car which followed the LaFerrari close behind at the moment.



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