This is the Vorsteiner Novara Huracan in all its Glory

After being previewed a couple of days ago, Vorsteiner has just revealed the Novara Huracan Aero Program.

This beautiful purple raging bull is fitted with a new front bumper, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear wing and a new set of wheels.

According to Vorsteiner, the Novara Huracan Aero Program is not just a body kit to make the Lamborghini Huracan more impressive and beautiful than it already is, it is functional too.

The Vorsteiner Novara Huracan features a highly distinctive and aggressive front fascia with an integrated front spoiler providing airflow and increased cooling performance.

The air intake openings are larger and boast a set of angular blades what allows a higher volume of air to be channeled toward the radiator and, too, helps keep the engine’s fluids cool even under the most demanding high-performance driving conditions.

Furthermore, the new honeycomb mesh grills made out of ABS plastic gives the cooling radiators protection against a wide variety of debris found on the road and still provides an unrestricted airflow.

Those inlet openings in the front fenders utilize the airflow created by the spinning wheels to push down the vehicle increasing the downforce.

The Vorsteiner Novara Huracan has side skirts with a vertical fin on the front of the rear wheels to cut and direct the airflow from the front towards the rear of the vehicle ensuring that the Lamborghini Huracan stays as stable as possible at high speed.

Looking at the back, we see a Motorsport-inspired rear bumper featuring 3 trapezoidal openings on the top to improve heat dissipation and better engine cooling for the V10 engine and exhaust system… a very aggressive rear diffuser and a carbon fiber rear wing complete the good-looking back.

This purple Raging Bull is equipped with a new set of shoes — 20-inch Vorsteiner V-FF 105 Flow Forged wheels — sheltered by Pirelli P-Zero tires adorned with red lines and, too, with a Vorsteiner stainless steel exhaust system.

Vorsteiner also offers a bespoke steering wheel for its Novara Huracan combining carbon fiber with customized leather materials.

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