Devel Sixteen’s Engine Pumps Out 4500hp on Dyno

Devel Sixteen was released during the Dubai International Motor Show in 2013 claiming a bunch of insane figures.

The Dubai-based company said that its supercar could produce nothing less than 5,000 hp thanks a 16.3-liter quad-turbocharged V16 engine. This insane amount of power could push the Devel Sixteen to a top speed of 348 mph (560 km/h), while the 62 mph (100 km/h) barrier could be broken in mere 1.8 seconds.

The Devel Sixteen had not proven those insane figures yet, but the company which is building its insane engine, Steve Morris Engines, released a video showing what the engine can do.

As you can see in the video below, The Devel’s V16 engine didn’t produce that insane amount of power said when it was presented, but the guys at Steve Morris Engines are still working on it and by now it can produce 4,515 hp and 3,519 pound-feet of torque on race fuel and 36 psi of boost, while on pump gas is shown — an early version at 20 psi — it can produce 3,006 hp.

POSTED ON Dec 09, 2015

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