Meet the McLaren P1 Carbon Series

The McLaren’s hybrid hypercar, one of those dubbed as holy trinity around the web, is a very impressive and limited machine — the most limited in comparison to the other two cars which are part of the trinity (Porsche 918 limited to 918 and LaFerrari limited to 499) — with only 375 units out there.

Although the P1 is already a very limited edition some owners yearned something more, so here’s the twice limited McLaren P1 Carbon Series.

The McLaren P1 Carbon Series, as it could not be otherwise, is built by the McLaren’s Special Operations and unlike its other projects this is not a one-off edition.

2 mclaren p1 carbon series side angle 700x467

McLaren P1 Carbon Series side angle

As we can notice by the name, this project will be a Series and among those 375 units aforementioned only 5 them will have its body completely covered with clear carbon fiber.

This first unit photographed by the guys at lovecars and that you can see in the gallery below boasts, in addition to the exposed carbon fiber around the body, details in red as well as the P1 Carbon Series badge on the rear wing and, too, we can notice that — such as the Satin Volcano Red McLaren P1 — this Carbon Series copy has the exhaust fitted with a 24-carat gold heat shield.

Following the exterior, the interior is full of exposed carbon fiber while red details complete the beautiful look.

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