Apollo to Reveal a New Supercar at the Geneva Motor Show

The German manufacturer, Gumpert, now under a new ownership by a group of Hong Kong investors and named as Apollo Automobil GmbH, is preparing to show an all-new supercar at this Geneva Motor Show.

So far, just a few teaser pictures were released and these teasers do not reveal a lot of the car (well, they are teasers, aren’t they?) but the new Apollo seems to be a monster and, probably, a new competitor to the Chiron.

Yeah, on its official Facebook page, Apollo Automobil posted that they are building the fastest road car on the planet. Well, If it is true or false, just the time will tell. Now we can just wait for more info about this new supercar and its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1st.

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POSTED ON Feb 21, 2016

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