Blue Carbon McLaren P1 to Be Displayed at the Geneva Motor Show

McLaren will showcase a special McLaren P1 and a 675LT Spider alongside the race version of the 650S (the McLaren 650S GT3), and also, will introduce a new Sports Series’ model at this Geneva Motor Show.

Both cars, the McLaren P1 and 675LT Spider, are unique copies courtesy of McLaren Special Operations (MSO). The McLaren P1 will be displayed for the very first time using its pure carbon suit, which was made available for the hybrid hypercar earlier this year.

The model to be showed in Geneva presents a beautiful carbon fiber finished with a bespoke Lio Blue’ tint. Furthermore, MSO also equipped this example with gloss black wheels, an extensive retrim of the interior and a 24-carat gold exhaust heat shield, in an homage to the McLaren F1.

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Blue Carbon McLaren P1 and Ceramic Gray McLaren 675LT Spider

Alongside the Blue Carbon McLaren P1 will be a McLaren 675LT Spider. The car introduced December last year and sold out within weeks is also a unique creature by MSO. The LT Spider is finished in Ceramic Grey (yeah, It looks like blue for me, too) and boasts even greater carbon fiber levels than the standard model. Moreover, such as the P1, the McLaren 675LT Spider has the exhaust heat shield in 24-carat gold.

Also, McLaren will showcase the 2016 McLaren 650S GT3 at this Geneva Show and will unveil a new model to the Sports Series family, to line up alongside the recently launched McLaren 570S.

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