Lamborghini Centenario Revealed in Launch Video

The new Lamborghini Centenario has been revealed in a launch video upload by Shmee150 on his Facebook page.

The Lamborghini Centenario is a new limited edition which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the raging bull brand founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Such as the other very limited editions such as the Reventon and Veneno, the Centenario is also powered by the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, but it can pump 770hp out or 20hp more the than Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce which boasts 750.

The Lamborghini Centenario will be limited to only 40 units (20 coup├ęs and 20 roadsters).

The Centenario is going to make its official debut at the Geneva Show, so stay tuned for more well soon. ‘Till there check it out the video below.

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