Rimac to Show the Production Form of Its Concept_One at Geneva

The Croatian company, Rimac Automobili, is taking the production version of its fully electric Concept_One model to the 86th Geneva Motor Show.

Presented for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2011, the Rimac Concept_One has reached the production stage, and it is coming as a limited edition with only eight units available; 6 of them have already been sold.

The Concept_One is powered by a full electric powertrain with four permanent magnet oil-cooled motors producing a combined power of 1073bhp and maximum torque of 1180lb ft. The car has a claimed 0-62mph sprint time of 2.6 seconds while it can accelerate from zero to 124mph in 6.2s, 0-186mph in 14.2 seconds and its maximum speed is 221 mph (355km/h).

Each motor of the Rimac Concept_One boasts its own gearbox.  Single-speed gearboxes for the front motors while the rear ones feature a two-speed double-clutch gearbox. Although the dual-speed transmission, the Concept_One can be driven in one gear all the time.

The Concept_One limited edition has a price of over $940.000.

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