Apollo Arrow Revealed; And by God! It is Awesome!

The reborn German manufacturer, Gumpert, now under the name of Apollo presents us its all-new supercar, the Arrow.

Apollo Arrow has a completely new and aggressive design inspired by sharks, but it also maintain some attributes from the 2005 Gumpert Apollo as the sill depth, the gull-wing doors and the central air-intake.

Apollo says that the Arrow has a design softer than what we’re used to, but due the fact the car to boast a wide and aggressive body as well as a roof scoop and a massive rear wing it looks great.

2 apollo arrow front side view track 700x351

Apollo Arrow front side view on track

Beneath the Skin, the Apollo Arrow carries a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine producing a total output of 1000 PS (985bhp) and a maximum torque of 1000NM (737lb ft).  All this power is taken to the road through a sequential seven-speed CIMA transmission.

Apollo Arrow has a curb weight of less than 1300kg (2866lbs) and claims a top speed of 223mph (360km/h). Furthermore, the car can reach 62 mile-per-hour in 2.9 seconds and breaks the 124mph barrier in 8.8 seconds.

The Apollo Arrow is a street-legal supercar and also fulfils all FIA standards allowing the car to be homologated easily for different racing series.

POSTED ON Mar 01, 2016

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