Atarius Reveals The Ferrari 458 Italia Raptor 2

Atarius concept, a Spanish tuning company, has revealed its tuning program for the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Called the “Atarius Raptor 2”, the program adds more aggressiveness to the Maranello’s thoroughbred prancing horse by fitting on the car a redesigned front bumper, a Speciale-inspired hood, wide fenders, extended side skirts and a massive rear diffuser.

Furthermore, the Atarius Raptor 2 sits on a new set of 20-inch 10-spoke wheels and you can add a new suspension system to ride lower than the usual.

There’s no any info or picture of the interior of the Atarius’ Ferrari 458, so we presume that they did not put their hands there.

2 atarius ferrari 458 italia raptor 2 rear side view 700x336

Atarius Concept Ferrari 458 Italia Raptor 2 rear side view

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