Rimac Concept_S: The Evil Twin

Alongside the Concept_One, Croatia-based Rimac Automobili has also introduced what it calls the evil twin at this Geneva Motor Show. The Rimac Concept_S.

As the sobriquet suggests, the Concept_S is very similar to the Concept_One but it is a performance-focused version with more power, less weight, and an enhanced aerodynamic.

The Rimac Concept_S uses the same system with four motors, one for each wheel as its brother, in this case, the power delivered by them add up 1,384 hp (1,364bhp) while the torque stands at 1,800NM (1,327 foot-pounds). It means a power increase of 296hp (291bhp) in comparison to the Concept_One.

4 rimac concept s side view 700x441

Rimac Concept_S side view

The aerodynamic was enhanced by adding an aerodynamic package which boasts a larger front splitter, a big rear wing beside of other particularities. According to Rimac, the Concept_S generates over 34 percent of downforce than the _One.

Thanks to an upgraded battery pack and optimised electronics, different carbon-fibre materials and lay-ups, track-oriented interior, less sound insulation and lighter seats, Rimac managed to save 50kg (110lbs). It weighs 1,800kg (3968lbs) when dry.

The result of all improvements is a 0-62 sprint in mere 2.5 seconds, 0-124 in 5.6 seconds, 0-186 in 13.1 seconds and a maximum speed of 226 mph (365km/h). 0.1 seconds quicker (0-62) and 6mph faster than its behaved version.

The interior features carbon fibre, Alcantara and lightweight alloys. Infotainment is optimised for performance-oriented information while the five-point racing harness and bucket seats keep the driver safe and steady.

POSTED ON Mar 05, 2016

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