More than 7000 Applications Submitted for the New Ford GT

Last week, Ford put online the configurator for its newest machine, the new Ford GT. Together with the configurator, Ford also released an application for customers interested in the brand new GT.

Recently, Ford has announced through its social media accounts that more than 7000 people applied for the new car.

Even with this enormous quantity of people interested in having one GT in their garages, Ford is yet keeping the info about the car in strict confidence.

We know that the new Ford GT will come with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 able to deliver over 600PS and the starting price is over $400,000 (something around $550,000 according to recent rumors).

About the production figures, although Ford didn’t reveal the official production target, it said that it plans to build only 250 models per year and the production will be far less than the 4000 examples of the predecessor. Perhaps, looking at the orders book, Ford changes its mind.

POSTED ON Apr 22, 2016

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