Lamborghini will Offer a Body Kit for the Huracan

All of us knows that there are a bunch of body kit created for the Lamborghini supercars out there. For the baby bull, you can find aftermarket parts from a carbon fiber mirror cap to a complete redesigned body built purely of the lightweight material.

Although, there are lots of tuners able to give a nice suit for the Huracan, Lamborghini wants to provide its own in-house-built kit. Yeah, the Raging Bull brand will offer a body kit priced at $22,428 for those who want a more aggressive Huracan.

There’s no much info about the kit, which you can see in the render above, but we can see a large front splitter with fins, aggressive side skirts, and a fixed rear wing. From the angle of the image, we aren’t able to say if there are some modifications in the rear end like a new rear diffuser for example.

Well, let’s wait for the official release to know more info on the Huracan body kit by Lamborghini.

POSTED ON Apr 28, 2016

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