Top 10 Most Awesome Pics of the Week – April 09, 2016

An amazing chrome Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, the insane 1500hp Bugatti Chiron, the classic Maserati MC12, the Lamborghini Huracan Avio special edition, the Koenigsegg One:1 megacar and much more at this Top 10. Scroll down!

1 vorsteiner novara huracan jeremy cliff 04 09 16 700x393

Purple Vorsteiner Novara Lamborghini Huracan by Jeremy Cliff Photography

2 bugatti chiron jon wheel photos 04 09 16 700x394

1500hp Bugatti Chiron front side view by Jon Wheel Photos

3 lamborghini huracan avio paul skg 04 09 16 700x467

Lamborghini Huracan Avio by Paul SKG Photography

4 chrome lamborghini aventador roadster elero automotive photography 04 09 16 700x439

Chrome and gold Lamborghini Aventador Roadster by Elero Automotive Photography

5 maserati mc12 colin poudroux 04 09 16 700x462

Blue Maserati MC12 front three-quarters by Colin Poudroux Photography

6 koenigsegg one 1 philippe collinet 04 09 16 700x467

Koenigsegg One:1 front view by Philippe Collinet Photography

7 lamborghini murcielago sv china edition zain syed photo 04 09 16 700x467

Lamborghini Murcielago SV China Edition by Zain Syed Photo

8 bugatti veyron grand sport alex penfold 04 09 16 700x438

Chrome and dark Blue Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport by Alex Penfold

9 nissan gtr adamc3046 04 09 16 700x445

Awesome Yellow Nissan GT-R front side view by AdamC3046 Automotive Photography

10 matte black lamborghini murcielago sv kirara stanley 04 09 16 700x439

Matte Black Lamborghini Murcielago SV on gold wheels by Kirara Stanley

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