LaFerrari Spider Listed for Sale at a Price of €5.1 Million

Those who get pissed off with the price of the Lamborghini Veneno and its open-top version ’cause it is just “the Aventador in a body kit” will go crazy with the price someone is selling a yet-not-revealed LaFerrari Spider.

Just a pair of days after the Ferrari’s new CEO, Sergio Marchionne, confirmed the development of a drop-top LaFerrari one has already popped out for sale.

The ad is on a German website (, check it out if you are interested in;) and the car is being offered by Investment Cars GmbH for a trifle of 4.285.714 euros plus 19% of VAT. The total, €5.1 million.

Although that’s no official info from Ferrari, the ad says that the car will be available six months after order in “EU edition” and just 70 units will be built.

The LaFerrari Spider probably will come with almost the same specs of the coupé, but as always being a little fat and consequently a bit slower (in acceleration). And, well, it’s also usual the roadster version to be more expensive than the coupe one but a difference of more than $4 million dollars (taking in account the current rates) is a bit too much.

Another consideration is… If the LaFerrari Spider is indeed limited to only 70 units we all know why there’s someone asking for such a huge price. Just remember the coupé is limited to 499.

POSTED ON May 06, 2016

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