McLaren 650S Spider Crashed 10 Minutes after being Delivered

A guy from Hutton, UK managed to set a new world record for the fastest supercar crash after being delivered. The Previous record was set by a guy in Dallas who crashed his McLaren P1 just one day after taking delivery. (I’m kidding)

The Hutton’s guy crashed a black McLaren 650S Spider into a tree just 10 minutes after the car being delivered. Minutes before the accident neighbors saw the happy owner celebrating the acquisition of the amazing 650hp Mac popping a bottle of champagne (I think the reason for the crash has already been discovered) and, then, a few minutes after the celebration the car was found in the deplorable condition you can see in the pictures.

It seems that no one was injured and the police haven’t arrested the driver (yet) because they can’t find out who’s behind the wheel at the moment of the accident.

2 black mclaren 650s spider crashed into a tree hutton uk 700x525

3 black mclaren 650s spider crashed hutton uk destroyed front bumper 700x525

POSTED ON May 04, 2016

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