Picking Up Uber Users in a Bugatti Veyron

Pranks are very popular on Youtube and you have already seen a bunch of them here, the most of them (here) are those gold digger ones because there’s no other thing better to put a smile on the face of certain girls out there (and then remove it) than very expensive cars (Actually there is, and it is called diamond.) and… of course, we talk about supercars here.

Besides the gold digger, another kind of prank which is becoming very usual is utilizing supercars to pick up uber users. The last one was a guy in a Batman costume surprising people in a Lamborghini Aventador.

In this one there’s no any superhero costume (yeah, but which superhero has a Bugatti? If I’m not wrong the Green Hornet (2011 film) has one in his garage) just a guy in an eye-catching chrome and yellow Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Meo Costantini Legend Edition surprising people. Check out the video below for the reactions.

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