Extreme Road-Legal McLaren P1 LM Revealed

After being presented the road-going machine which became a track toy (McLaren 570S Sprint), here’s I present you the track toy which became a road-going machine. The extreme McLaren P1 LM.

The McLaren P1 LM is based on the 1000hp beast P1 GTR (which is the track-focused version of the road-going P1 ) and became a road legal thanks to the British firm Lanzante.

2 2017 mclaren p1 lm rear side angle in motion 700x394

According to Lanzante, the biggest change from the P1 GTR is in the engine, which now produces additional boost and hybrid power to keep all those 1000 wild horses (986 bhp) trotting freely. Like we’ve seen in many MSO projects, the P1 LM also has a gold-plated heat shielding in the engine bay and the charge coolers have been tweaked to be more efficient at higher temperatures.

Lanzante managed to make the P1 LM 60kg (132lbs) lighter than the P1 GTR. Just the exhaust headers and catalytic convertor pipes made from Inconel saved 4.5kg. Race parts like the air jack system have been removed while the lightweight seats come from the F1 GTR.

3 2017 mclaren p1 lm front three quarters in motion 700x394

Furthermore, the car has the roof in exposed carbon fiber as well as the additional panels. Lanzante claims that the car generates 40% more downforce over the P1 GTR thanks to the modified rear wing, front splitter, and canards.

Exposed carbon fiber covers almost all the interior. Dashboard, instrument cowl, seat backs, roof, center console and even floor mats are built with the lightweight material. Air-con comes as standard.

Just 6 copies of the McLaren P1 LM will be built (including the prototype) with deliveries expected in January 2017.

The car will make its official debut at Goodwood Festival Of Speed. Racing driver and McLaren tester Kenny Bräck will hit famous Goodwood hill climb.

POSTED ON Jun 23, 2016

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