McLaren 570S Sprint Revealed

In March this year, McLaren presented its track-beast following the FIA GT4 standards. Now, McLaren presents the toy (and what a toy) to hit the tracks just for fun. The McLaren 570S Sprint.

The McLaren 570S Sprint is a track-only car based on the road-going 570S and like the McLaren P1 GTR, 650S Sprint etc. it does not follow any racing class regulations. It is built to deliver the best of itself during those track days and provide its owner an incredible driving experience around the tracks.

2 2017 mclaren 570s sprint front three quarters in motion track 700x394

Built around the carbon fiber Monocell II chassis such as all the Super Series models, the 570S Sprint uses the 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 engine (such as all McLaren’s models). There’s no any specific figure but McLaren states that the “Power and torque levels have been optimised to ensure the ultimate levels of driver engagement and the best levels of noise” (you can hear in the short clip at the end of the post).

Furthermore, the 570S Sprint features enhanced cooling via a front center GT3-inspired high temp radiator and a new and more aggressive front splitter. It features an air piercing front bumper which separates the airflow above, below and through the bodywork and, too, a big carbon fiber fixed rear wing which helps the car to generate the highest level of downforce yet seen on any model in the Sports Series.

3 2017 mclaren 570s sprint rear side view in motion track 700x394

Center-locking wheels wrapped by Pirelli racing slicks come as standard. An optional motorsport air jacking system to aid wheel changes is available.

Inside, the car features an FIA-approved rollcage to add further protection, an optional passenger, six-point racing harness for the seats, and a fire extinguisher system come also as standard.

4 2017 mclaren 570s sprint rear side view in motion 700x394

The McLaren 570S Sprint will make its official debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed using the livery finished in McLaren Orange (the standard one) but a bunch of others can be chosen as well as the “by MSO” ones.

Pricing starts from £148,000 ($217,203.00) and deliveries will begin in 2017.

POSTED ON Jun 22, 2016

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