Koenigsegg One:1 Crashes on the ‘Ring

As everybody knows that since May Koenigsegg has been testing its One:1 mega car around the ‘Ring in order to attempt a lap time record, but this plan will have to wait.

Yesterday, once again, the carbon fiber Koenigsegg One was testing around the Nurburgring and, unfortunately, the car crashed heavily through a barrier and into an embankment.

Although the Koenigsegg One ended up pretty damaged, luckily the driver managed to walk away the accident untouched.

The Koenigsegg One:1 is limited to only seven vehicles counting the prototype one and each one of them with a price of about € 2.8 million or approximately $3.1 million (except the prototype with an asking price of $6 million).

As all the seven cars supposedly have an owner, there’s someone out there very sad for sure. But, Koenigsegg has already confirmed it will rebuild the car.

POSTED ON Jul 19, 2016

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