Chameleon McLaren P1 MK Edition Looks Sick!

You might have seen a couple of chameleon cars changing their colors out there (or not), but here’s a very special one. First of all, it is a f***ing McLaren P1 and it is the world’s first chameleon paint carbon fiber.

If you are wondering about who made this, well, the answer is quite obvious. This chameleon McLaren P1 MK Edition came to the world thanks to the hands of McLaren Special Operations, yeah, the McLaren’s division which makes sick things even sicker. And, oh, MK are the initials of the owner, Manny Khoshbin.

Check out the video as well as some pictures below for more of the World’s first Chameleon Carbon Fiber McLaren P1 .  And, let us know your thoughts on this car. Sick or not?

POSTED ON Sep 08, 2016

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