Vorsteiner Fitted the McLaren 570S with its Monstrous VX Aero Package

The McLaren 570-VX Aero by Vorsteiner is as monstrous as it looks

The 570S is one of the least powerful McLaren’s car you can buy, just behind the 540C, the cheapest one. Furthermore, the McLaren 570S has a less aggressive design if you compare it with the 675LT and, of course, with the P1. But with this program, Vorsteiner has transformed the baby into a beast, at least, the look.

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Vorsteiner McLaren 570-VX front angle

The Vorsteiner VX Aero package for the McLaren 570S adds some aggressivity for this McLaren sports car. The package counts with a redesigned from bumper with a new front splitter. While, at the rear, Vorsteiner equipped the baby McLaren with a huge wing fixed at the center of the rear bumper with two big uprights, something similar to the P1 GTR.

It’s monstrous, isn’t it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and check out the rest of the awesome pictures of the McLaren 570-VX by Vorsteiner in the gallery below.

POSTED ON Oct 31, 2016

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