Bordeaux Koenigsegg Regera Looks Amazing

There are no many specs of the Koenigsegg Regera out there for us to check out, actually, until now we’ve seen the Swedish beast in two finishes, the concept one in light blue and the red production car released last year.

Of course, we will see more specs of the gearless hybrid mega car when the customer ones hit the roads, till there here’s one configurated by one of the Koenigsegg’s employees.

The Koenigsegg Regera in the pictures gets a Bordeaux tinted carbon finish with a clear carbon fiber center section accented by gold leaf striping while the interior has a creamy cappuccino/coffee color combination.

2 bordeaux koenigsegg regera rear three quarters 800x533 3 bordeaux koenigsegg regera side view 800x533 4 bordeaux koenigsegg regera dashboard 800x312 5 bordeaux koenigsegg regera seats 800x312


POSTED ON Jan 23, 2017

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