Ferrari 488 GTB by Misha Designs

Misha Designs Creates Insane Body Kit for Ferrari 488 GTB

After the insane Ferrari 458, California-based Misha Designs has released its own body kit for the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Just like the naturally aspirated prancing horse, the turbo one goes insane dressed into the widebody kit by Misha Designs. Available in two configurations, the Ferrari 488 GTB by Misha Designs takes the track-only feeling to the roads.

2 white ferrari 488 gtb misha designs limited edition rear three quarters 800x600

Ferrari 488 GTB by Misha Designs rear side view

The regular edition gets a new front and rear bumpers, side skirt, air intake covers and a small spoiler. All the parts mounted onto the factory ones. The most aggressive edition and also limited (of course, it’s called limited edition) receives apart the new bumper an F1-inspired nose and double splitter carbon fiber lip as well as a portion of the hood center covered in naked carbon fiber.

The rear end clearly inspired by the track-only hybrid hypercar LaFerrari FXX K features a new and aggressive rear diffuser, the rear quarter panels three inches wider and a big rear wing.

Misha Designs will make available only 20 units of its limited edition widebody kit and you can preorder to delivery in April/May.

POSTED ON Jan 25, 2017

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