Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 GTB

The turbo prancing horse gets the Japanese armor.

During the Tokyo Auto Salon, LB performance released the liberty walk body kit for another one supercar. Being more specific, the Japanese tuner fitted the twin turbo Ferrari 488 GTB with its widebody kit.

The Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 GTB gets a new front lip, winglets mounted on the front bumper, side skirts, a new aggressive rear diffuser, a ducktail rear wing and, of course, the ‘trademark’ of the kit, the wider fenders.

2 liberty walk ferrari 488 gtb front side view 800x490

Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 GTB front three-quarters

Apart from the widebody, the Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 GTB is yet equipped with a new suspension system by AirRex and a new exhaust system by Fi Exhaust, which increases the neigh of this Italian horse.

You can hear the Fi Exhaust system in action on the video below and check out more angles of the Liberty Walk 488 in the gallery right after it.

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