Cristiano Ronaldo Drives the Bugatti Chiron in new Commercial

A new commercial of the brand new Bugatti Chiron dropped online and, in addition to the 1500 beast, the soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is in. 

Bugatti has requested Cristiano Ronaldo to give the Chiron a final test drive. In the video, we see Andy Wallace (Bugatti’s test driver) giving Cristino Ronaldo the key of the Chiron to a ride and I’m pretty sure he liked.

The Real Madrid’s player is a fan of super sports cars (well, he has some) and, among others, he boasts in his garage a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano as well as a Bugatti Veyron. Yeah, likely, the Chiron will enter this list.

Cristiano Ronaldo test-drives Bugatti Chiron Image Gallery

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