Koenigsegg Shows Off Aero Package for the Regera in New Render

Koenigsegg has released on its facebook page another Koenigsegg Regera configured by one of its employees. This time you can see the good taste of the Koenigsegg’s prototype manager, Mattias Vöx, represented in a gray Koenigsegg Regera. And it’s not just that, besides the good taste of the guy, this Regera shows off a new Aero Package that we probably will see in real life in Geneva this year.

The Koenigsegg Aero Package for the Regera features canards mounted on the front bumper, the double front splitters design is more aggressive and, at the rear, there’s a pair of fixed wings in carbon fiber allowing the active rear wing to rise between them.

2 battleship grey koenigsegg regera aero package front three quarters 800x533

Battleship Gray Koenigsegg Regera equipped with the new Aero Package

Back to the spec, the Koenigsegg Regera receives Battleship Grey along the body while bare carbon fiber covers the center. We can also see a pair of white stripes.

Matias has chosen a Roe Deer interior featuring a lot of brown, exposed carbon fiber, some details in aluminum and elements in white.

Source/Pictures by Koenigsegg on Facebook

POSTED ON Feb 04, 2017

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