Liberty Walk McLaren 650S (Gallery + Videos)

Liberty Walk McLaren 650S Inspired by…

Yeah, this is another supercar that gets the Japanese widebody kit.

When the McLaren presented to the world the successor of the 12C everybody complained that the car design was just a combination of both the 12C and the insane P1. Yeah, this is not a lie, but although the design is not unique, the McLaren showed how awesome its supercar is.

Now the Japanese tuner, LB Performance, adds another Woking’s machine to that combination to form the Liberty Walk McLaren 650S. You know I’m talking about the track-focused McLaren P1 GTR.

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Liberty Walk McLaren 650S in motion

As usual, the Liberty Walk widebody kit is formed by those wide fenders (the key point of the kit) as well as a large front splitter, side skirts, a new rear diffuser and a big rear wing clearly inspired by the P1 GTR, mainly those pylons.

Another thing that is clearly inspired by the P1 GTR/P1 is the hood which gained a pair of ducts.

The yellow livery with a set of green stripes crossing the center of the car is another reference to the P1 GTR. The McLaren P1 GTR debuted at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show using this yellow and green livery (based on the McLaren F1 GTR #06R).

Besides of the widebody kit and the yellow and green livery, the Liberty Walk McLaren 650S yet receives a new suspension system by AirREX, a new set of wheels by Forgiato and a new exhaust system by Fi Exhaust (you can hear it below).

The Liberty Walk McLaren 650S is not equipped with any performance kit. Yeah, the exhaust system probably helps to generate some additional ponies, but although the P1 GTR is the source of inspiration to this machine, the output of the car is not even close to the 1000hp track-only beast.

Liberty Walk Mclaren 650S with FI Exhaust

videos by LibertyWalk Media via YouTube / Pictures via Fi Exhaust on Flickr

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