Koenigsegg will Display Two Regeras at Geneva

Apart from the “mythological” Koenigsegg Agera RS “Gryphon”, Koenigsegg is also taking two amazing Regeras to Geneva’s show.

Both customer cars, the Koenigsegg Regeras take a unique livery on the carbon fiber body. The first Regera to be delivered receives a carbon green finish while the interior is covered by Saddle Brown leather. The car is fitted with Koenigsegg’s “Tresex” hollow-core carbon fiber wheels wrapped by the brand new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire.

The second one combines candy apple red with clear carbon fiber center. Air intakes along the side of the car are also in clear carbon fiber. The interior is finished in black leather with highlights in Lingonberry.

Both Regeras carry in the back a very powerful twin turbo V8 engine which in combination with three electric motors generate 1500 hp and over 2000 Nm of torque.

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