Awesome Carbon Red Bugatti Chiron Spotted in Monaco

A stunning copy of the Bugatti Chiron has been spotted driving on the streets of Monaco.

The Principality of Monaco has never failed to show us some of the rarest and the most awesome cars in the world. Like London and Dubai, the independent city-state is the heaven for supercar spotters that, recently, recorded this carbon red Bugatti Chiron driving around.

The successor of the iconic Veyron has been seen in Monaco, a very eye-catching carbon red one. The French monster pushed by 1500 horsepower boasts… well, that’s not much to talk about the specs of the car, there’s carbon fiber everywhere and it’s tinted of red, but damn it’s awesome, isn’t it?

With more and more Chiron’s coming out the assembly line, more and more copies like this will come out as well. And we’re here waiting for them.

What about you? What do you think about this Carbon red Bugatti Chiron? Leave your comment below!

POSTED ON May 24, 2017

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