UGR Lamborghini Huracan Hit 250 mph in 1/2 Mile

That’s a world record!

UGR, which stands for Underground Racing, a performance tuning house based on North Caroline, has made some pretty fast supercars to go even faster (and very quick). Here a Lamborghini Huracan to prove that.

With a twin turbo kit installed, this Lamborghini Huracan managed to reach 250 mph (For you saying f*ck imperial system, this is 402 km/h) in just half-mile during the @wannaGOFAST 1/2 mile event at New London airstrip in North Carolina (a new world record).

Unfortunately, the description of the video doesn’t say how many horses the Lamborghini boasts but I’m pretty that the baby bull boasts the X Version Twin Turbo System w/ Highly Modified Engine which translated to horsepower means 1200 whp on pump gas and over 2200 whp with race fuel.

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