Lamborghini Terzo Millennio: the insane futuristic Raging Bull

What do you think about the cars of the next millennium? A thousand years from now, do you think cars will no longer have wheels and gonna float or fly around? aircrafts instead?

Well, the Raging Bull brand doesn’t think that way for the future (and I like that).

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. Yeah, this is the new concept of the Sant’Agata Bolognese manufacturer and it looks insane.

The Terzo Millennio concept car is what Lamborghini aims for the future, the new technologies, the new designs.

With the Terzo Millennio, Lamborghini wants to take the best of the best of electrification (yeah, it is an electric-powered car) but also want to end with the issue of the today’s electric cars: the batteries. Instead, Lamborghini wants to develop an innovative supercapacitor able to close the gap with conventional batteries in terms of energy density, preserving an outstanding power density.

Furthermore, Lamborghini wants to use parts of the car as a rechargeable battery. The target is to improve the nanomaterial technology, diffusing nano-charges in CFK-based panels able to store electric energy and in the meantime to form the body and structures of the car.

Apart from that, Lamborghini wants to combine the technology to monitor the entire body. The goal is to provide for the Terzo Millennio the ability to conduct its own health-monitoring, to detect cracks and damages that might occur after an accident, throughout its substructure, while limiting or reducing to zero the risks correlated to the presence and propagation of cracks in the carbon fiber structure.

As said, it’ll be electric-powered and Lamborghini wants to use one motor per wheel and another thing that Lamborghini is taking care of is about the sound able to substitute the one of today’s V12. Well, this gonna be a hard task but let’s see what the future holds for this incredible beast.

source: Lamborghini

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