Ford GT

posted on Jan 25, 2018 in Videos   Comments

The track-ready Ford GT has spotted at Virginia International Raceway for a ride (a fast ride) and showed how quick it is. The V6-powered Ford managed to set a new lap time… [ read more ]

posted on May 12, 2017 in Videos   Comments

Since the new Ford GT was presented at Detroit Motor Show in 2015 2 years have already passed and now, finally, we are able to see a review of the successor of… [ read more ]

posted on Jan 25, 2017 in Articles   Comments

And how fast it goes. Since Ford released the new GT in 2015 at Detroit Motor Show, the American automaker is keeping the specs in secret, but now the Ford guys revealed… [ read more ]

Beautiful Blonde girl in black dress and Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 front side
posted on May 16, 2016 in Cool   Comments

56 awesome supercars and beautiful girls pics Check out a gallery of awesome supercars and beautiful girls with 55 pictures (counting with this one above) for you enjoy. Scroll down and enjoy… [ read more ]

blue ford Gt top view
posted on May 13, 2016 in Articles   Comments

Lots of people are interested in the all-new Ford GT. Just a week after Ford put online its application for those interested in, more than 7,000 people submitted theirs. Now, Ford shows… [ read more ]

All new blue-tinted Ford GT front side view in motion on track
posted on Apr 22, 2016 in Articles   Comments

Last week, Ford put online the configurator for its newest machine, the new Ford GT. Together with the configurator, Ford also released an application for customers interested in the brand new GT…. [ read more ]

Liquid red 2017 Ford GT front three-quarters
posted on Apr 13, 2016 in Articles   Comments

Ford has released the configurator for its all-new GT and an application for those customers who want to order one. Only 500 units of the all-new Ford GT are available (So far)… [ read more ]

Top 10 Most Awesome Pics of the Week - Mar 12, 16 cover
posted on Mar 12, 2016 in Cool   Comments

The Top 10 Most Awesome Pics of the Week is back and we bring to you the most awesome pictures which caught our eyes during this week.  Among the super incredible machines,… [ read more ]

Top 10 Most Awesome Pics of the Week - November 28, 2015 cover
posted on Nov 28, 2015 in Cool   Comments

The track-only McLaren P1 GTR, a white Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the insane Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept Car, the very limited Lamborghini Veneno, Spyker C8 Aileron, the brand new Ford GT… [ read more ]

Top 10 Most Awesome Pics of the Week Sep 12, 15 Cover
posted on Sep 12, 2015 in Cool   Comments

A beautiful Blue Pagani Huayra called Ella, the awesome open-top Ferrari 458 Speciale A, the futuristic 2016 Ford GT posed with the classic GT40, the carbon blue Koenigsegg One:1 as well as… [ read more ]

New Ford GT front side detail
posted on Mar 05, 2015 in Articles   Comments

After Detroit and Chicago Motor Show, the new Ford GT presents its futuristic design at the Salon International de l’Auto 2015. Replacing the 5.4-liter supercharged V8 modular engine present in the 2005-2006 model,… [ read more ]

2016 Ford GT rear close up; 2015 Detroit Motor Show
posted on Jan 14, 2015 in Videos   Comments

At the Detroit Motor Show, Ford released a new version of the Ford GT with futuristic lines and advanced technology. The new GT has active aerodynamic and a monocoque in carbon fiber… [ read more ]

2016 Ford GT front three quarter at the Detroit Motor Show 2015
posted on Jan 13, 2015 in Articles   Comments

During the Detroit Motor Show 2015, Ford surprised everybody releasing an all-new version of its classic Ford GT with futuristic lines and boasting a V6 engine able to produce over 600 hp…. [ read more ]

Black Ford GT by M2K Motorsports rear side view.
posted on Nov 21, 2014 in Videos   Comments

This is the Ford GT that hit 273.7 mph ( 440, 47 km/h ) at Texas Mile, now showing one more time its outrageous power. See the M2K Motorsports Ford GT smoking… [ read more ]

M2K Motorsports Twin Turbo Ford GT on Dyno
posted on Nov 01, 2014 in Videos   Comments

You probably remember of this insane Ford GT… if not, this is a Ford GT by M2K Motorsports which some days ago hit 273.7 mph ( 440, 47 km/h ) at Texas… [ read more ]

M2K Motorsports Ford GT at Texas Mile
posted on Oct 29, 2014 in Videos   Comments

Awesome, right?! M2K Motorsports Ford GT reached a stunning top speed of 273.7 mph or 440.47 km/h in a standing mile at the Texas Mile. This is a impressive speed… The M2K Motorsports… [ read more ]

Ford GT Crashes in China front side
posted on Oct 07, 2014 in Crashes   Comments

The American Classic Ford GT suffered an accident in China when it was riding in the night on wet road. The accident happened in the great city of Leshan in Sichuan Province…. [ read more ]

Ford GT on HRE Wheels front side
posted on Aug 01, 2014 in Images   Comments

Wheels Boutique has just finished a really impressive photoshoot starring an american classic… The Ford GT. The Wheels Boutique titled this as Project GT, and as you might be noticed by the… [ read more ]

Drag Racing: Ford GT vs Ferrari F40
posted on Jul 29, 2014 in Videos   Comments

Hi guys, Check it out some awesome drag races… Ferrari F40 vs Ford GT, Lamborghini Aventador vs McLaren P1, Porsche 9ff 911 vs McLaren 12C ( The Shmeemobile ) … well, watch… [ read more ]

posted on Jul 05, 2014 in Cool   Comments

No, any of these supercars will be in a war, of course, they could be destroyed easily…  Hey guys check it out a pretty cool pack with supercars with military camouflage paint… [ read more ]

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