Hong Kong

White Lamborghini Veneno LP750-4 Roadster front view; Lamborghini HK
posted on Jan 17, 2015 in Articles   Comments

You had seen before a white Lamborghini Veneno Roadster arriving in Hong Kong, its new home. The extreme white raging bull was presented at Lamborghini Hong Kong and passed to its new… [ read more ]

White Lamborghini Veneno LP750-4 Roadster front side view very covered
posted on Jan 14, 2015 in Articles   Comments

The insane Lamborghini Veneno Roadster made its public debut on board the Italian naval aircraft carrier Navy Cavour on 1 December 2013. Unlike the coupé version, Lamborghini made available nine units for… [ read more ]

Giallo Maggio Lamborghini Aventador 50th Anniversario crash in Hong Kong; front view
posted on Mar 09, 2014 in Crashes   Comments

A beautiful Giallo Maggio Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary has involved in a crash coming from Hong Kong…The first report involving this car. The causes of the accident are unclear yet, but… [ read more ]

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