MC Customs

posted on May 03, 2017 in Images   Comments

MC Customs equipped a Lamborghini Huracan on Vellano Wheels in this new project. Miami-based tuning company, MC Customs, put their hands on a white Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 and equipped the baby bull… [ read more ]

Matte Black Lamborghini Huracan on Vellano Wheels front side view
posted on Apr 13, 2016 in Images   Comments

Following the DMC Simplicity, here’s another Lamborghini Huracan fitted with just some aftermarket parts to enrich the look but they don’t change the original lines of the car. This project by MC… [ read more ]

White Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 by MC Customs front three-quarters
posted on Jan 22, 2016 in Images   Comments

Usually, when the tuners put their hands on a car the first thing (or one of the things) they change is the set of wheels… well, not in this case wherein the… [ read more ]

white Ferrari 458 Italia on Vellano Wheels by MC Customs in hangar; rear three quarters
posted on Jan 02, 2015 in Images   Comments

Prancing horses between airplanes… MC Customs has finished its latest work involving a beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia and took the prancing horse to a photoshoot in the middle of some airplanes in… [ read more ]

White Lamborghini Aventador on Red on Red Vellano Wheels front side angle
posted on Oct 24, 2014 in Tuning   Comments

MC Customs presents another one project, and now, involving a Lamborghini Aventador fitted on eye-catching shoes by Vellano Forged Wheels. Previously, MC Customs fitted a Ferrari 458 Italia on red ADV.1 Wheels… [ read more ]

White on Red Ferrari 458 Italia rear side
posted on Aug 08, 2014 in Tuning   Comments

Usually, red covers the body of Ferrari supercars, well, except for now, MC Customs fitted a beautiful copy in bianco white Ferrari 458 Italia on ADV.1 Wheels in red. The harmonic white… [ read more ]

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