Novitec Rosso

posted on Aug 23, 2016 in Tuning   Comments

Some time ago, the German tuner specialized in Ferraris revealed its optimized 488, and now for those who prefer the topless V8 Prancing Horse but also want more power and more carbon fiber… [ read more ]

Ferrari 488 GTB by Novitec Rosso front side view in motion
posted on Jun 09, 2016 in Tuning   Comments

Novitec Rosso has presented to the world its newest project involving a Maranello’s wild horse. Involving the Ferrari 488 GTB to be more exact. The V8-engined Ferrari has gained some new horses… [ read more ]

Novitec Rosso Ferrari F12 Berlinetta N-Largo S front side view
posted on Apr 22, 2016 in Tuning   Comments

Novitec Rosso has unveiled a new kit for the front mid-engined Ferrari F12Berlinetta. The N-Largo S. The new kit is a more extreme version of the already extreme N-Largo and features new… [ read more ]

Top 10 Most Awesome Pictures of the Week Jan 09, 2016 Cover
posted on Jan 09, 2016 in Cool   Comments

Koenigsegg Agera R, Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce, McLaren 675LT… Welcome to the very first Top 10 Most Awesome Pics of the Week of 2016 featuring, apart from those mentioned above, the one-off Pagani… [ read more ]

Top 10 Most Awesome Pictures of the Week Dec 19, 2015 cover
posted on Dec 19, 2015 in Cool   Comments

Welcome to another Top 10 Most Awesome Pictures of the Week, today featuring a beautiful yellow Porsche Carrera GT, the stunning Pagani Zonda Revolucion and a very special edition based on the… [ read more ]

Onboard Novitec N-Largo Ferrari F12berlinetta on the road
posted on Oct 31, 2015 in Videos   Comments

Jump onboard a Novitec N-Largo F12 Berlinetta with supercarsofaustria for a crazy ride somewhere in Austria (I think). Enjoy the tuned F12 berlinetta going through the traffic on the road and the lovely sound… [ read more ]

Liberty Walk Nissan GTR fitted w/ Fi Exhaust
posted on Jun 01, 2015 in Cool   Comments

Find here a stunning gallery with some modified masterpieces in some breathtaking photos. Yeap, most images below consist in Aventadors and Ferraris 458 (and liberty walk body), but I tried to include… [ read more ]

Yellow Novitec Rosso Ferrari California T front three quarters
posted on May 12, 2015 in Tuning   Comments

Ferrari California T is an updated version of the 2008 California featuring new sheetmetal, new interior, a revised chassis and a new turbocharged powertrain. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2014, this… [ read more ]

Military Green Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Shooting Flames
posted on Dec 21, 2014 in Cool   Comments

Military Green, Red and Verde Scandal are pretty nice copies of the Lamborghini Aventador that you can see in this Top 10 most Awesome Pics of the Week. In addition to Aventadors,… [ read more ]

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Ferrari 430 Scuderia and Lamborghini Gallardo
posted on Nov 02, 2014 in Cool   Comments

Hi guys, check out another one Top 10 Most Awesome Pics in the Week and this time you can see a really stunning LaFerrari using Bianco ( white ), as well as… [ read more ]

White Ferrari FF with Novitec Rosso Exhaust System
posted on Oct 15, 2014 in Videos   Comments

Novitec Rosso is a Novitec Group’s arm specialized in Ferraris. This you probably know, so, see two Ferraris FF fitted with a Exhaust system by Novitec Rosso in startups and loud revs… [ read more ]

Supercars Invade London: DMC Aventador Roadster and another one bull
posted on Jul 30, 2014 in Videos   Comments

London has several supercars taking a ride on its streets every day, but with the end of Ramadan the arab supercars also arrive in the city… Well, check it out some of… [ read more ]

posted on Jul 09, 2014 in Tuning   Comments

Novitec Rosso present a even more special stage of its upgrade kit for Ferrari 458 Speciale… yeah, more components, more extreme, more speciale… The Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 Speciale as the first… [ read more ]

posted on Jul 08, 2014 in Images   Comments

The 458 Speciale even more special… Check it out the pretty cool gallery with the Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 Speciale… The Ferrari 458 Speciale is an extreme 458-based and the Novitec Rosso… [ read more ]

Grigio Silverstone Ferrari 458 Speciale by Novitec Rosso rear three quarters
posted on Jan 15, 2014 in Tuning   Comments

Novitec Rosso is the arm of the Novitec Group specialized in Ferraris and here you can see their latest project. The Ferrari 458 Speciale was released in September last year at the… [ read more ]

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