posted on Jul 08, 2017 in Images   Comments

The Super Veloce Raging Bull goes on Vossen Wheels in a stunning photo shoot! Last year Novitec Torado and Vossen Wheels teamed up to present a stunning project involving a Lamborghini Aventador… [ read more ]

posted on Mar 18, 2017 in Images   Comments

Miami-based tuning company, 1016 Industries, shows us its new project involving the Lamborghini Huracan,  a Bianco Avus one to be more specific. 1016 Industries has adorned the Lamborghini Huracan with its aerodynamic body… [ read more ]

posted on Feb 22, 2017 in Images   Comments

Lamborghini Newport Beach has taken the Lamborghini Huracan Avio to a place where it can feel at home. Actually, I’m not talking about Italy but as a car created to pay tribute… [ read more ]

posted on Sep 13, 2016 in Images   Comments

The awesome Renato body kit is back but now wearing a V12-powered raging bull. Perhaps you remember this body kit, It first appeared (here) equipping a gray Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 early this year…. [ read more ]

posted on Sep 09, 2016 in Images   Comments

There was a time that everybody wanted to see these three beasts together, more than that, wanted to see these three hybrid beasts destroying their tires battling against each other. Yeah, the… [ read more ]

posted on Jul 25, 2016 in Images   Comments

Last month, Lanzante showed the road-legal variation of the McLaren P1 GTR at the Goodwood FoS 2016. Yeah, the machine is fast, but, here, let’s contemplate the original track oriented P1 GTR… [ read more ]

Matte Purple Vorsteiner Novara Lamborghini Huracan by Jeremy Cliff Photography; rear side view
posted on May 02, 2016 in Images   Comments

Jeremy Cliff, an automotive photographer based in Chicago, has photographed the amazing Vosteiner Novara, a body kit based on the Lamborghini Huracan, and here you check the amazing photos of this matte… [ read more ]

Arancio Argos Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 front side view
posted on Apr 08, 2016 in Images   Comments

Since the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 was introduced early this decade, the V12-engined caught the heart of car lovers and customers around the world. Of course, with the success some special editions were… [ read more ]

Orange McLaren 570S in Newport Beach; front three-quarters
posted on Mar 25, 2016 in Images   Comments

Check out an amazing photo shoot featuring one of the McLaren’s Sports models, the 570S, done in the beautiful Newport Beach, CA. Presented at New York Auto Show last year, the 570S… [ read more ]

Asian Model and Chameleon Nissan GT-R rear side angle
posted on Mar 21, 2016 in Images   Comments

Nissan has announced that a new facelifted GT-R is coming at 2016 NYAS, but meanwhile, behold a very striking Godzilla posing alongside a beautiful Asian model. Nissan has always released facelifted GT-Rs… [ read more ]

Misha Designs Ferrari 458 Italia on Savini Wheels rear side angle
posted on Feb 21, 2016 in Images   Comments

Take a look at the Ferrari 458 by Misha Designs in this amazing photo shoot. Misha launched its widebody for the Italian prancing horse at the SEMA show earlier this year in… [ read more ]

Edo Competition McLaren 675LT front side view doors up
posted on Feb 01, 2016 in Images   Comments

The McLaren 675LT is the most powerful car in the McLaren’s Super Series. It is a limited edition inspired by the McLaren F1 GTR “Longtail” which when it came to life, at… [ read more ]

Ferrari 458 Speciale on Matte Black ADV.1 Wheels side angle
posted on Oct 11, 2015 in Images   Comments

ADV.1 Wheels bring us a photoshoot featuring a beautiful red Ferrari 458 Speciale equipped with one of their sets of course. The hardcore Ferrari 458 is using a set of 5-spoke ADV05 MV2… [ read more ]

Black California and Girl in a black dress
posted on Oct 04, 2015 in Cool   Comments

Yeah, It is back! The black Ferrari California on bronze wheels is back but not alone. The front-mid-engined prancing horse joins with a beautiful red Ferrari 458 Italia — also on Strasse… [ read more ]

Awesome Red Porsche 911 GT3 RS front side view
posted on Sep 26, 2015 in Images   Comments

After the awesome white LaFerrari, The Glass Eye presents us a photoshoot featuring the brand new Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS… [ read more ]

Awesome White LaFerrari rear side view
posted on Sep 13, 2015 in Images   Comments

The Glass Eye bring us a stunning photoshoot with the first Ferrari’s hybrid hypercar in Vancouver… an awesome white LaFerrari. In addition to the white shade, this LaFerrari — as all 499… [ read more ]

Yellow Mercedes AMG GT S front side view
posted on Sep 09, 2015 in Images   Comments

Marcel Lech Photography bring us another awesome photoshoot, this time featuring a beautiful yellow Mercedes AMG GT S photographed at the night of Vancouver. About the Mercedes AMG GT S… in a… [ read more ]

Black Aston Martin One-77 front angle
posted on Sep 07, 2015 in Images   Comments

For Aston Martin lovers or even for those lovers of beautiful photographs, here is a photo shoot with the most beautiful front-mid-engined supercar out there, the Aston Martin One-77. The stunning black… [ read more ]

Black Liberty Walk GT-R rear view
posted on Sep 04, 2015 in Images   Comments

Following the first Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan, here is a photo shoot with the second Liberty Walk Godzilla in Vancouver, Canada, by Marcel Lech Photography. Unlike the first one, this Liberty Walk GT-R is… [ read more ]

Porsche 918 "The Dark Knight" front side view
posted on Sep 02, 2015 in Images   Comments

Here is another awesome photoshoot with the German hybrid hypercar wearing black and the lightweight aerodynamic Weissach Package in Vancouver, Canada. In February, Kevin Uy Photos showed us a photoshoot with a black… [ read more ]

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