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Rimac Concept_One Faces a Bugatti Veyron. Rimac Concept_One has proved to be an amazing hypercar. The 1088hp electric car managed to beat the LaFerrari and even the Porsche 918 Spyder in a straight… [ read more ]

posted on Jan 13, 2017 in Videos   Comments

Rimac Concept_One and Bugatti Veyron Riding on the Croatia’s Coast Road Watch the Rimac Concept One and the Bugatti Veyron riding on the road in Croatia. A good-looking landscape and two stunning… [ read more ]

posted on Oct 13, 2016 in Videos   Comments

Porsche 918 Spyder faces the Rimac Concept_One in a Drag Race The Porsche 918 Spyder when goes in a straight line battle the most of the time we know it will reach… [ read more ]

Beautiful Blonde girl in black dress and Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 front side
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56 awesome supercars and beautiful girls pics Check out a gallery of awesome supercars and beautiful girls with 55 pictures (counting with this one above) for you enjoy. Scroll down and enjoy… [ read more ]

Rimac Concept_S front angle
posted on Mar 05, 2016 in Articles   Comments

Alongside the Concept_One, Croatia-based Rimac Automobili has also introduced what it calls the evil twin at this Geneva Motor Show. The Rimac Concept_S. As the sobriquet suggests, the Concept_S is very similar to… [ read more ]

Rimac Concept_One Production Model front side angle at the Geneva Motor Show
posted on Mar 03, 2016 in Articles   Comments

Rimac Automobili has presented its 1088hp all-electric Concept_One model with the production specs at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Only eight units of the Croatian hypercar will be available, six of them… [ read more ]

Rimac Concept_One front side angle in motion
posted on Feb 24, 2016 in Articles   Comments

The Croatian company, Rimac Automobili, is taking the production version of its fully electric Concept_One model to the 86th Geneva Motor Show. Presented for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show… [ read more ]

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